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Snooping through your spouse’s Phone?- Tosin Oteyolanu

Hi wifey, Enjoy this interesting article written by Tosin Oteyolanu. Women are naturally territorial in nature, we want to be sure that everything within our reach is in line or is nourished by us. I want to believe this is one of the reasons we sometimes snoop through our spouse’s phone. Wanting to be sure there are no issues arising (financially, emotionally or otherwise). Is it okay to snoop through your spouse’s phone?? A simple answer would be Yes.  You are both partners and there shouldn’t be any form of secret between you. You should be able to pick your spouse phone to check whatever you want and vice versa.  My question is how often should you check it?  Do you just check randomly? Do you find it disturbing when you haven’t checked their phones in a day?  What do you do with the information gotten?  Checking randomly is okay, we all need to help ourselves align once in a while. You can tell when some conversations or actions are going out of line but how you address it is very

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