5 reasons why the lingerie is important in your marriage

Hello wifey

Today, I want to share some interesting things about the power of a lingerie in your marital life.

Please am still born again (covering face) and in fact I just finished praying in tongues and you can imagine the topic that the Holy Spirit is bringing...lol.....it means that this topic is important and God is very much interested in every thing that concerns us.

Hey wifey, even though the lingerie is just a piece of clothing, it's very important and the power cannot be overemphasized in your marital life. So many things are taken for granted in marriage and one of them is the lingerie. A lot of wives no longer pay attention to what they wear years after marriage, especially when children starts to come in. Even though, time and attention seems to no longer be enough, it's still very necessary to be conscious about certain matters, such as wearing lingerie.

Why is lingerie very important?

5 reasons why lingerie is important in your marriage

1. It boosts your self confidence
Wearing a sexy lingerie makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel young and energetic. It makes you feel sexy and reminds you again of how great your body is. This attracts your husband to you.

5 reasons why lingerie is important in your marriage
2. It spices up things and keep the passion alive
A way to keep passion alive in your marriage is by surprising your husband with sexy lingeries once a while. Be unpredictable. Don't let him know what to expect. If you don't want things to be monotonous, learn to show up in sexy lingeries.

5 reasons why lingerie is important in your marriage

3. Makes the act of love making more interesting
The fact that you had to think about it and plan to wear it sets your state of mind in a correct mood that makes sex more interesting and enjoyable for you. For a woman,the state of your mind is very important in enjoying the act of sex. A way to achieve a perfect state of mind is to consciously think and plan about sex throughout the day.

4. Helps you to initiate sex more
If you are finding it hard to initiate sex, try the power of lingerie. Imagine this,... Your self confidence is high, you feel so wanted and you are in a correct state of mind....what next, than to initiate.

5. Enhances your appearance
Putting on a lingerie shows off your body curves and shape. It makes you more attractive  to your husband, not only in bed, but even throughout the day. It also enhances your appearance in your regular clothing. It makes your clothes look good on you.

Sincerely, we can go on and on about the power of lingerie.

Wifey, there is need to invest in new sets of lingerie. I tell you, this is an investment that will yield great returns.

5 reasons why lingerie is important in your marriage

God made men visual beings and one way to help your husband focus properly is by showing him more than anyone else can ever show him. Help him to win the prize that is set before him, by showing him the trophy regularly. A piece of lingerie will help you to achieve this.
I hope that this blessed you as much as it did to me.

I love you

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  1. Fantastic piece. Its good to be reminded again. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I greatly appreciate you.

  2. Thanks alot ma for this piece,it really mean alot


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