How can you celebrate your husband?

How can you celebrate your husband?

One of the secrets of fascinating womanhood (that's the title of a book, and I strongly recommend that book) is learning how to celebrate your husband. And for me, it's fun. I so much enjoy making my husband feel celebrated.
To celebrate means to bless, to praise, to  magnify  and to speak highly of. All these are words that we are familiar with, especially for Christians. 

How can you celebrate your husband?

You can celebrate your husband through your words, your actions and your spirit.

Through your words

How can you celebrate your husband?

Scripture says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Words are very powerful. You can build up and you can tear down by the words you speak. In fact, you can make or mar a person by your words. Many times, we are conscious of how we speak to outsiders, but because of familiarity, we tend to speak to our husbands as we feel. Learn to be conscious in the way you speak to your husband. Speak graceful words, speak encouraging words. Use your word to build him up, in fact, you can use your words to make out what you want from him. Never speak deleterious words, abusive words or nagging words to him. Never! Whenever, you are tempted to, remain silent. As a wife, your words have much more effect on your husband than anyone else, because you are the closest to him, the one who has seen him inside out. So, start to build up your man today with your words. Start to speak words of affirmation to him, both in his presence and absence. Don't keep those words of affirmation, rather lavish them on your beloved. Affirm him for those things he is doing, and even those ones you wish he does. Bless your man with your words everyday. No one can do it better than you. Let it be your default; always speak highly of your husband, maximize ever opportunity to do so.

Through your actions

How can you celebrate your husband?

Actions they say speaks louder than words. You can bless your husband physically by doing things for him. Consciously look for ways to be a blessing to him by what you do. Do his laundry, cook for him, give him good sex* winks….let him enjoy looking at your body, pamper him like a baby, carry his bag, stand up and welcome him, arrange his shoes, wifey, look for ways to bless your husband. You will be better off for it. Also, find out his love language. It will help you to channel your actions properly.

Through your spirit

How can you celebrate your husband?

To bless your husband, you need to walk in the Spirit. When you allow the Holy Spirit to work in you, you only bear the fruits of the spirit-love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Blessing your husband through your spirit entails staying in the place of fellowship with the Lord, through the ministry of word and prayer. In fact, from that place, some specific instructions are given to help your mission and assignment. Personally, there have been times that have perceived in my spirit the need to give more attention to my husband, and I minister to him accordingly.
Learn to minister to your fact let him be your first

Grace is available for us to do the needful.

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