The power of a wife's words

Hey Wifey,

I trust that you had a great day and I hope you are celebrating your husband....hulalaaaaa........

The power of a wife's words

So, I was studying John 6:63, and I saw something there. Jesus Christ was speaking to His disciples and He said that the words that He has spoken to them are Spirit and they are life. 

Do you know that as a new creation wife, as He is, so are we in this world (Ist John 4:17). If His words are Spirit and life, it means words are also Spirit and life....Glory....It is the Spirit that quickens, so our word quickens, that is brings alive. 
The power of a wife's words

Wifey, your words can bring to life and is life. Can you see why you need to be careful and conscious in your choice of words to your husband? 

Learn  to speak right. Maximize the power of your words. Because your words are spirit, they can travel through distance and time. Because your words are life, they can create and break. No wonder we will be judged for every idle words that proceed out of our mouths Mathew 12:37. It is because our words have such a great potential if used rightly and can also produce negative results if wrongly used.
The power of a wife's words

To speak the right words, you need to guard what you read, what you listen to and so on....these are the things that translates to your thoughts and then into your words. And that's why you need to guard against negative thoughts about your husband.  Negative thoughts will produce negative words. 
The power of a wife's words

Always think rightly of him, no matter what. You will realize that when you think rightly of him, you find it easy to express your love more to him, to celebrate him and to appreciate him. 
See ya later.

Till then, enjoy speaking to your husband with grace, knowing that those words are spirit and life.

Love yaaaa

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