4 statements you should never say to your husband

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen how much emphasis I place on graceful speaking. 
There is power in our words. As wives, our words has loads of impact on our husbands, both physically and spiritually. I once wrote an article on the power of a wife's words.

This video and post is on 4 statements that you should never say to your husband.

4 statements you should never say to your husband

1. My friend's husband takes out the trash

4 statements you should never say to your husband

If there's anything that you should not do to your husband, it's comparing him to someone else. Wifey, no matter the weaknesses of your husband, he's unique in his own ways, and whoever you are comparing him with has his own weaknesses. It's just that his weaknesses might not be obvious to you because you are not his wife. People that appear as angels outside, you never know, could be devils inside. My candid advice is this, if there is anything you would love your husband to start doing, humbly tell him, but don't manipulate him into doing it by comparing him with someone else. Well, no likely he will be manipulated anyway, he likely might resent. And you know what, don't even compare him in your heart. Whenever you are tempted to do so, just immediately declare God's word and adjust your thoughts.

2. I told you not to do it

4 statements you should never say to your husband

Okay, lemme give a scenario here. You and your husband had a completely different opinion about an issue. Your husband chose to go along with his own opinion. You tried to counsel him otherwise, but he refused.  His decision afterwards turned out bad. Despite the fact that you advised him otherwise, wisdom says, never tell him that 'I told you not to do it'. Instead, you should encourage, support and stand by him, especially if he has to bear the consequences of his decisions. It's obvious that his opinion was bad after all, and he already has to deal with that. Saying that statement will only hurt him more.

3. That was the same thing you did last week

4 statements you should never say to your husband

Some days after my husband and I started our courtship, we had a retreat and did an extensive Bible study on the subject of love.
One of the things I learnt in that study and that has stayed with me is that love does not keep record of wrongs. We told ourselves after that study, that we would never keep records of wrongs. We decided that if there's any issue, we trash it immediately and never refer to it again. 
I can't say that I had never kept records of wrong since then 😂, but anytime I start to refer to past wrongs that my husband did to me, it's either he reminds me or the Holy spirit reminds me and then I quickly adjust. Lol. 
What I am saying in essence is that love does not keep record of wrongs. Love will throw away the book of records and never look for it again. So, never say, that was the same thing you did last week. Rather, address the issue at hand, without reference to previous issues. Let them be gone forever.

4. You are not good in bed

4 statements you should never say to your husband

Uhmm.....before I wrote this, I thought and thought about it. The reason is because, I didn't want to sound like I am encouraging insincerity or lack of openness. 
The point is that there are several ways to pass an information across. You will be saying the same thing and addressing the same matter, but you can leave the involved party dejected or whole.
How would you rather leave your husband? I bet you would want to leave him whole right?
A man's sexual ability is very important to him. His manhood is tied around his sexual prowess. Hence, any derogatory word or action, especially if coming from his wife, can do a lot of harm to his emotions. 
So, now, indeed, your husband is not good in bed, and you need a change. How do you pass across that vital information without hurting him.

* Approach it as something you need to work on as a team, rather than as something that's his individual problem

*Watch the atmosphere in which you start the discussion. The atmosphere must be friendly, and the tone must be positive

*Ensure that you also come up with solutions that can help the situation

*Make sure you look for something positive that your husband does and you affirm him greatly on that

So, an example of a good statement could be
Darling, I love the way you caress my ears. You are such a pro. I always feel so good.  I was wondering if there's anything we could do about me experiencing orgasm. I have been thinking that we could try out a new position..........

This is better than.....you don't satisfy me in bed. You are not even good in bed😵.

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