How can you bless your husband today?

Hello wifey,

Regularly, I think of ways to be a blessing to my husband (covering face), and I love to help young wives be a blessing to their sweethearts. I know how difficult it can get at times. Life is busy and it's quite easy to allow days and weeks roll by without doing anything conscious to bless ones spouse. It happens to me a lot of times. Sometimes, it's the Holy Spirit that brings me back to my senses and calls my attention to some things🤦.

How can you bless your husband today?
How can you bless your husband today?

1. Pray for him

I am very sure that you have heard this over and over again. Pray for him today and not just today but pray for him daily. Personally, I have attached an activity with praying for my husband, such that anytime that thing is being done, am muttering words under my breathe for him. 
Today, pick an activity that you do regularly, and commit to praying for your hubby while doing that thing.

2. Load him with words of affirmation

Whether or not words of affirmation are his love  language, speak it to him today. An average man loves to hear sweet things, and especially when it's coming from their wives, it brightens them. Today, think of all that  your hubby does and commend him on them. Write a list of how he has been a good husband and a good father and read it to his hearing.

3. Turn up in something sexy

During the day, dress up for him; wear a nice dress and apply some make up. At night, show up in something sexy and revealing. No pyjamas today, only sexy lingerie😉.

4. Initiate sex think that's not a way to bless him right? Hey, it is. He loves it when you initiate!!!. Today, allow him to relax, while you lead him to that place of *winks*. You can start with a back massage and a leg rub. I tell you, he will never recover from the experience.

5. Cook his favorite meal

Prepare his favorite meal today and serve him like you would serve a king. Prepare yourself, and prepare the table. Welcome him to the table and enjoy your meal together.

6. ug him warmly

Just hug him without any reason. Just hug him from the back while he's doing something else. Plant a kiss on his lips and tell him that you love him.

7. Listen to him

We think we listen, but sometimes we don't. As women, we are known to be great multitaskers. While pressing your phone, and moving on and off to the oven, plus changing a soiled diaper, your hubby is sharing his heart felt concerns with you. Today, can you just drop the phone, switch off the oven and really listen. It does not have to be for an hour. Even if it's 5 mins, hubby will feel appreciated and prioritized.

8. Compliment his looks

Look him in the eyes and tell him how handsome he looks. What were those features you admired when you first met, now is the time to tell him again.

9. Encourage him

Sit close to him and encourage him. You know his dreams and passions. You are aware of his aspirations. Tell him how much you believe in him and how ready you are to stick with him and help him in his purpose.

10. Do his duty

Today, look out for something he normally does and then do it for him. Maybe wash his car or throw away the garbage. Yeah, I know it's not very easy for you to do, just try darling. Well, you can as well stay with him, while he does it 😜, but really, just for today, try to do some of the things he does and appreciate him for always doing them.

Did I miss anything?
Please feel free to include in the comment section.

I love you.

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  1. Weldone sis, great job.

    Another one, plz submit to him. The greatest need of a man is neither sex nor food but respect. Enthrone him. Make him the king he's made.

    Thanks for the privilege.

    1. Thank you for your comment ma. Indeed, respect is the greatest need of any man. Uhmmm...making him the king that he's made. I like that too. Grace is available for us. Thank you so much.

  2. make yourself, the children and the house neat. Then support him financially if you have the means.

    1. Truly, a man loves to meet a neat wife, neat kids and a neat home. Thank you so much for sharing. Grace is available for us to do the word.

  3. Great tips dear.. Thank you for sharing them. Indeed there are more ways we can bless our husbands and we are always learning new ones each day. One I will add is to "Create a peaceful environment for him to come home too". Men love to long for their homes because this is where they can rest. A peaceful home should not be a one time thing but an everyday practice that becomes your family lifestyle.

    1. Thank you so much for the addition. Wow. Indeed, a peaceful home should not be a one time thing but an everyday practise. Thank you once again.

  4. Very inspiring, I will try and do some. I enjoyed reading, more grace


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