How do you set a correct atmosphere in your home?

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Do you know that as a wife, you have the power to set the atmosphere in your home. Have you ever noticed that when mummy is moody, everyone else is.....
How to set the correct atmosphere in your home

We are like the thermostat of our home. We have the ability to set the temperature in the home. So, what degree of temperature are you setting?
No wonder the scripture says that it is better to live in a corner of the house top than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife Proverbs 21:9.

How to set the correct atmosphere in your home

A quarrelsome wife makes a quarrelsome mother, makes a quarrelsome husband, makes quarrelsome children, makes a quarrelsome home. And a joyful wife does the same too.
The kind of atmosphere that the Lord wants us to set in our homes is the godly atmosphere which is full of love, joy, peace, contentment, calmness, humility.

 *It starts with the state of your heart

The secret to having a correct atmosphere in your home is allowing your heart to be ruled by God's word, such that out of it will flow love, joy and peace. Let your solace be in the scriptures, not in your husband. In times of needs and wants, refuse to be anxious, but lay hold on God's word concerning your needs and your wants. Learn to express calmness even in situations that are going beyond control. Make your home a place where your husband and children want to come to anytime any day. Be loving and welcoming when your husband and even your children gets home. Be prepared to receive them.

How to set the correct atmosphere in your home

* Learn to speak with love.
A soft answer turns away wrath. Communicate gracefully. Don't always be in the attacking or defensive mode.  Let your default be love, honour, and respect.

*Have a heart of service in the home.
Every single thing we do in our homes is a service unto the Lord and we should only expect our rewards from the Lord, not from our spouses.

Let your home be organized. Let the love of God fill your home. Express joy at all times. Expressing joy is easy when you know the Lord. Knowledge of the Lord comes through knowledge of his word.

How to set the correct atmosphere in your home

*Prioritize your fellowship with the Lord. You receive strength, you receive instructions in the place of fellowship.
Maintain a good sense of humor. Don't be altogether serious. Allow yourself to play and be free.


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