How to prepare for your husband's arrival from work

Hello wifey,

Today's post is on how to prepare for your husband's arrival from work.
How to prepare for your husband's arrival from work

Yaay...this post might not apply to everyone. Of course I know that it's very possible that your husband arrives from work before you (I hope he is also being taught somewhere how to prepare for your arrival from work). However, it can also apply to you in the sense that there will definitely be times when you are home and your husband has to arrive from somewhere, maybe an outing, a trip or wherever.

So, first thing to note is that preparing for your husband's arrival back home is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. Yes, it's something to prepare for 😊. You know the way you prepare when you want to receive an important visitor right? Your husband is a recipient of your honour and so should be honoured as such too.

Okay, let me ride on with my tips.

1. Prepare your smile and laughter

First thing is to prepare your smile. Prepare to welcome him home with a really big smile. Let him know that you have been expecting him. Don't allow him meet a grumpy wife at home. Always stand up to receive your husband with a smile. The truth is that the day might have been busy, especially if you had the kids to care for or you also had a really stressful day at work. Receive strength from the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Let that joy transcend into a really big smile for him. Not just a smile, give him laughter. Express your happiness at the sight of him. You can even jump like kids would do at the sight of their dad.

2. Prepare your mouth

Before he arrives, prepare your mouth to speak graceful words. You might be tempted to pour out all the challenges of the day on him, but don't do that. Rather, ask how his day has been. Offer him words of support and encouragement. Appreciate his outfit again. Help him to undress and allow him to unwind. Don't bug him with details of how your day went, except he asks at that time anyway. You can as well leave it till a later time. That time is not the time to complain or nag. It's the time to minister to him.

3. Prepare your body

This is also very important. It's very important to prepare your body for your husband's arrival. Wear a lovely dress, pack your hair nicely, use some make up and spray some perfume😀. You are not going to welcome a king in some sort of bad looking wears. You are going to look your best right? Then you have got to also dress up for him. Prepare your body wifey as you await the arrival of your husband.

4. Prepare your children

When Dad is coming home, let it also be a big deal for the children. Let them see the excitement in the air. You can even rehearse with them, how you are going to welcome dad home. You can together make plans on what to do, how to shout and scream when Dad is home. You could make welcome placards if you desire. Be creative together on how you want to welcome him home. Another aspect of preparing the children is cleaning them up, especially for younger children. You don't want him to come home and he meets them with poop all over their bodies. 

 5. Prepare the home

This is also very important. Tell the children to pack their toys because dad is coming home. Let him meet a well prepared home. Clear all clutters. Don't allow him come home and have to work in the midst of all the toys, clothes and everything that has been scattered in the whole house. Put the house in order.

6. Prepare his food

This is maybe the most important 😀. It kind of wraps up all the other forms of preparation. You don't want to prepare your body and your smile, without preparing his food. He is not going to eat your smile😀. Chances are he has had a tired day and came home hungry after the day's work. It will be very soothing if his food is already prepared and after you allow him to unwind, you also invite him to the table where he meets a well prepared meal.

I hope you enjoyed the post😀. Did I miss out any thing? Please kindly let me know in the comment section.

I love you

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