How to cultivate friendship with your husband

Hey wifey,

You know what! I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to be best friends with your husband. A friend is someone you like and you enjoy being with.

Friendship is the glue that keeps us together. Friendship is what makes the relationship enjoyable and not boring. Friendship is one of the characteristics of a happy and lasting marriage.
Studies have found that most couples spend only 10% of the time talking other  things apart from children, job etc. In short, 90% of discussion is always centred around the children, job, money etc. No gisting, no playing. 
How to cultivate friendship with your husband

Sometimes, couples start out the courtship as friends but after marriage, got so busy with activities and lost the friendship. Other times, they were not friends at all during courtship and they carried it into marriage. 
Hey wifey, friendship is very important. Seek to cultivate or remain friends with your spouse. Let your husband be your best friend. The level of friendship that you have with your husband is directly proportional to your marital satisfaction.
Don't let your marriage be centered around your children. Let it be centered around yourselves. The children are not a part of the marriage, they are only a product of the marriage. Just as they have come, they will go. If you have centered your relationship around them, when they go, it becomes quite challenging to recenter the relationship around yourselves. That's when the mother will be going from one child's house to the other, leaving her husband behind, because being with her husband at home is not fun at all.
Sincerely, I used to wonder if I will go and stay with my children at all when they get married and have kids, maybe I will spend some days, lol, or I just go with my sweetie pie. Anyways when we get to that phase, we will cross it.
Recently, our kids went  to spend some days with their grannies. Oh mine!!! It was a really enjoyable time for us. We didn't even miss them, lol. In fact, right now, hubby and I are looking forward to the period of empty nest, that's  when the children finally leaves to build their respective homes as well. 
We have not even gotten to the level of friendship that we desire.

How do you cultivate friendship with your husband?

1. Spend quality time talking together daily

This sounds difficult right? Yes it is, especially in this busy world that we have found ourselves. It is however possible. You only need to be conscious about it.
A lot of times, I tell hubby, I miss you, even though we see each other daily, sleep and wake up beside one another. At those times, when I start to sing the chorus of 'I miss you' around the house, it implies that we had not been spending quality time talking together. Quality time involves dropping the phone and giving one another utmost attention.
When you love someone, you will want to spend time with that person. Ensure that you find time to spend together daily, to talk and communicate. It might be early in the morning or late at night. Just find that time, when it's only you and you alone. Drop the phone, switch off the TV and talk to one another. Talk about how the day has been. Share the important and the unimportant stuffs. Talk about everything. Don't consciously hide things from your spouse. Tell him the funny moments and laugh together. Consciously create time to talk, talk and talk.
How to cultivate friendship with your husband

2. Be playful around one another

You know the way you are playful around your girl friend? You have got to be that playful around your husband. Don't be all together serious. Playfully spank him and run around the house, playfully wink at him, both inside and outside the house. Have a good sense of humour, plan your jokes and crack them, laugh together, jump on him, tickle him. When he cracks his joke, act accordingly and laugh, not like he will crack a joke, and you will not respond appropriately; that can be very discouraging. To cultivate friendship, you have got to be very expressive with him.

How to cultivate friendship with your husband

3. Plan fun moments together

You have got to plan times together when you just go have fun. Finding such times might be challenging especially when the children are around, but you have to sort it out one way or the other.  You can plan to be together those times when the children are in school or invite someone trusted to come home and watch them or take them out to grannies, if they are available.
Some quick fun moments can include taking a walk, going to the park and going for shopping. Make every activity you do memorable. Take pictures and videos 😁. Compete and tease one another.
Another aspect of fun moments is planning date nights regularly. You can as well plan such nights at home.

4. Be open with one another

Friendship requires trust and one of the ways trust can be built in a relationship is openness. When a pedigree of openness has been built over time, trust results. Let your spouse know you in and out, by being open to him. Don't keep secrets away from him. Be as transparent as much as possible. You know the way when there is an information, it's itching you to tell your girl friend, let it be same with your spouse. Let it be such that it becomes so difficult to plan a surprise for him😁, because you will be tempted to let it out.

5. Be friendly

So you want to cultivate friendship with your husband, then be friendly. Speak in a friendly manner, act in a friendly way. Have a friendly disposition towards him. Be sensitive to your spouse's request and lovingly respond to them. Don't be defensive. Sometimes I watch some couples' relationship, and I wonder!!! Before the husband says something, the wife is already very defensive and ready to give it hot. No!!! Listen attentively to what he has to say and respond in a loving manner. That's what friends does.

In conclusion

I definitely have not exhausted this topic but to conclude, to cultivate friendship with your husband, you have got to cultivate friendship with the Lord. I once said in one of my articles that we can celebrate our husbands through our spirits. As you spend time cultivating friendship with the Lord, he loads you with ideas and ability to cultivate friendship with your husband. Things that seems difficult to do will become easy when the Spirit of God is involved. Actually there is a direct relationship between your relationship with the Lord and your relationship with your husband. Remember that the Lord is your heavenly husband and he helps you to love your earthly husband.

Feel free to drop your comments.

I love you


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