Review of my 2020 Wifehood Plans

 Hello wifey,

I hope you are doing great. Have you kissed your husband today? If not, go meet him right now and blow him a kiss. If he's not anywhere around you, then send him a sizzling text will send my own message too.

So today,  I reviewed my WIFEHOOD plans for year 2020. Yes, every year, I have plans on how I want to act as a lovely wife to my husband. I make the plans and I write them down. Regularly, during the course of the year, I review and check if I have been up to the task in fulfilling those plans. To be honest, a lot of times, I have lagged behind.  I am however going  to put in more efforts and trust the Holy spirit for help.

So, I thought that it will be nice to let you in to some aspect of the plans I had for this year. Enjoy!!! and make sure you don't

My wifehood plans

* Daily prayers and affirmations for my husband

*Rather than complain or tell him what I want to see change, I tell God and trust God to give me wisdom to communicate it rightly. I can also trust God to bring it to him in the place of prayer and word.

*Never never never nag or complain

*Believe in his love

My wifehood plans

*Every conversation should be graceful, full of strength and encouraging

My wifehood plans

*Never doubt whatever he does. Believe in his decisions, in his ability to make correct decisions and do the right things

*Trust wholly in him

*Focus more on what I do for him and focus less on what he does for me

*Make time for prayer and study every week. Push us if he does not

*Never complain when he asks me to lead prayers

*Whenever am home before him,  always welcome him from work with a smile,open arms, kisses and love

* Also, prepare for his arrival from work by getting myself ready physically and in terms of food 

*Make my home an Haven, a beautiful place where he would find peace from the outside stress

*Support him always and fully

*Never make comparisons of him with someone else. Love him for who he is

*Be physically attractive always

*Be pleasant everywhere; in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, everywhere

*Make our marriage interesting

*Praise him always

My wifehood plans

*Pray and play with him everyday

*Public display of my love and affection to him

*Submit to him in all things.........

I hope you had a nice read.  Have I made mistake, Yessss, a lot of times!!! But I try to move past my mistakes, adjust and continue again in strength of the spirit (Nb: with my own strength, I will achieve zero).

Start thinking of your wifehood plans for the next year.

What are the plans you had for this year and how has God helped you to fulfil them. What are your plans for the coming year? What part of my plans are you willing to include in your own plans for the coming year?.

Please let me hear from you.

Love you.


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