Practical ways a wife can submit to her husband

Hello wifey,

For some weeks in the previous year, I wrote on submission.

Today, I will be writing on some practical ways a wife can submit to her husband.

Just like love is action, submission is action.
You cannot keep on saying that you submit, just by the words of mouth alone, without consequent actions.
We plan to submit, we choose to submit, we take steps to submit.

What then are the practical ways to show that you submit?

1. Respect

Practical ways a wife can submit to her husband 1

Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

Ephesians 5:33 NKJV

Did you see that?

Let the wife see that she respects her husband. *Very important*

Respect is to a man what love is to a woman.
Respect is a way of thinking about someone that translates into how you treat the person.
The way you feel when your husband loves you, and you know it, is the way he feels when he knows that you respect him. No wonder Paul said, 'let every wife see to it that she respects her husband. 
No body will respect your husband for you. You need to respect him, and let it be obvious that you respect him. 
There are love languages (please read more from Gary Chapman's, Five love languages),  and I believe that there are respect languages too. You need to find out your husband's respect languages: What does respect mean to him? How does he perceive respect? What do you do that makes him know that you respect him, or otherwise?.
While you find out, these are general ways to show that you respect him.

a.  The way you speak to your husband (I will write in details about this soon).

b. The way you act

How you say whatever you say' is just as important as what you say.
You can say 'Sorry', and 'thank you'  both respectfully and disrespectfully.

'Sorry' and hissing, plus walking out, is different from 'I am very sorry, I didn't think of it that way'.
Practical ways a wife can submit to her husband 1

A simple act of respect is to welcome your husband warmly when he comes back from work (depending on who comes back first any way). When he arrives, stand up and welcome him. Let welcoming your husband be a great deal for you. I once learnt that when my husband is home and meets me on a phone call, I should round up the call immediately, and give him a proper welcome. Here is an article I once wrote on how to prepare for your husband's arrival from work.

c. Respecting his opinions
Practical ways a wife can submit to her husband 1

This is also very important. How do you take his words? Always look out for his opinions concerning matters. Let his words be to you like treasure, and let him know it. Don't make major decisions on your own. Ask for his opinion and let him know that you cherish his opinion, more than any other person's opinion. Don't be tempted to place another man's opinion above your husband's opinion. In marriage, the husband is the head of the wife (there's no where any other person comes in this equation), be it your father or your mother.

You might be tempted to place a spiritual leader's words and opinions above that of your husband. Please, don't do that. Highly regard your husband's opinion. Seek his wisdom on matters. Ask him what he thinks. Let him know that your final decision is dependent on what he says, and be ready to follow through. 
There's one thing I have realized; if your husband knows that his opinion really matters to you, He would be very careful  and he would never want to use that privilege against you. A lot of times, a husband will want to assert authority when he feels like he's not been allowed to be in charge, just to proof a point that he's in charge. 
Submission is control. When you are submitted to your husband, and he knows it, indirectly, he gives you the control. 
When a man perceives disrespect, he wants to enforce authority and wants to take charge, so that you can know that he's in charge and then you lose the control.

Can you have different opinions? Of course yes. What do you do? (A blog post coming on this soon).

4. Respect your husband's desire for intimacy.
Practical ways a wife can submit to her husband 1

One of the most important (if not the  most important) need of a man is sex. Respect that desire. That's his make up. Don't disregard it. Therefore, be  ready and available. Never ever use sex as a manipulatory tool. Be generous. See sex as a ministration to your beloved. Don't be tired of ministering to him. Don't embarrass him when he wants you. Rather, appreciate and embrace his desire for you.

In conclusion, a man will gravitate to a place where he is being respected. He does not need to qualify for your respect, before you respect him. 
Here's an article I once wrote on respecting your husband.


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