Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband

 Hey wifey,

There's no better time to post this article than two weeks to Valentine's day😜.

Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband

Did I see someone change face? Yeah, you read correctly, 'flirting'. Are you wondering if this is still a spiritual blog? Of course it is. We are talking here about our husbands. We got the license, didn't we🤷? Some of us are not using that licence well. If you are only using the licence to nag, to abuse and to keep malice, you are missing alot. You had better begin to use the licence well.

What does it mean to flirt? To flirt means (lol), right now, I don't even know how to define it🤦. Well let me put it this way.  It's about bringing out the girl in you, acting like the girl who does not have kids, jobs, dishes, cooking, payments, whatever, to think about.
Flirting is important in an healthy marriage. It  helps to keep the romance alive, even in the midst of busyness. Funny enough, flirting does not require too much. It only requires openness, friendship, expressiveness and some little bits of gestures. Every girl has that flirty nature, you just need to bring it on and channel it properly, and yeah, the best place to channel it, is your spouse. I know you are firebrand, tongue talking but wifey, be a flirty gal around hubby. Let your level of spirituality and your level of flirtiness measure up🤣.
In this article, I am going to give practical tips on how to flirt with that man of yours. Most of them I have done before and I still do. Some of them, I found out in the course of my research on this topic.

Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband
1. Smack his butt
Sometimes, when he passes by you, just smack his butt, and then turn to see his face and wink at him playfully  

2. Shake your butt at him  
Picturing this in my mind is making me laugh, because I always love hubby's reaction whenever I do it to him😋.

3. Pout your lips at him and then wink

4. Shake your boobs at him
In case you are wondering where modesty is, lemme tell you something, you can be modest in every other place, but never with your husband😋.
Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband

5. Write a flirty note and have one of the kids give him (please make sure it is not an older kid that will understand the note). You can as well drop the note in his bag.

6. Drop a piece of your underwear in his work bag, so that when he gets to work, he can see it and then you already set the mood (NB. I have not done this before and am not sure I will ever get the liver to do it, lol. What if a colleague finds it🤦) .

7.  Touch him anyway, anywhere, anyhow (I hope you get what I mean), no need stepping down on words, lemme call a spade a spade, touch his penis unexpectedly🙈. Never neglect the random touches. You can pause to give him a hug while you are making dinner. 

8. Dance with him. If he's like my hubby, you may have to force him to dance, but that's the fun of  it. Don't  be discouraged. Forcefully hold his waist and dance with him, by fire by force😀

9. How about flirty text messages? They work wonders. Don't just send text messages of 'please don't forget to buy the tomatoes from the store', send flirty messages.

10. Have codes that only both of you understand. Also have jokes that just both of you can relate with.

11. Laugh hard
This life no hard at all (apologies if you are a non Nigerian🤣, this is pidgin English) especially if you are in Christ. Never take things personal. Laugh hard.

Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband

12. Hold hands
Maximize every opportunity to hold his hands. 

13. Sit on his laps, while watching a movie, or just anytime while you are at home.

14. Leg fight
While having dinner, use your legs to hit him and then smile and wink at him. You can also extend your legs to wherever you wish🤷.

Sex Series: 20 interesting ways to be flirty with your husband

15. Sit close to one another. During marriage counseling, my pastor told me to always sit close to my husband whenever possible. In fact, he said when the children starts to come, they are not allowed to sit in between us, they should rather sit on the other sides.  

14. Rub his neck while driving, but make sure you don't distract him. 

15. Pinch or tickle him when you bump into each other.

16. Dance for him- Play a lovely music and dance for him. You can also pull him up to dance with you.

17. Dress up and model for him. You can also model for him naked. If there's anything I can't forget amidst the whole pre marital counseling gist, it's this one. My mama pastor told me this🙈.

18. Flash him your boobs while he's engrossed in something very important, and run away. I bet it, he's going to chase you.

19. Blow him random kisses. As you pass by him in the house, blow him kisses from afar off. You can also move close to him, grab his head and kiss him.

20. Snatch something from him and let him chase you round the house. You can also chase him round the house. Start a pillow fight with him.

The list is actually endless. The first ingredient you need is friendship with your husband. When you are friends with him, flirting becomes very easy, like eating a piece of cake. 

By the way, if you need more ideas and more fun, I have got an amazing resource for you, especially in this valentine season (my valentine special package for you.

They are called love and sex coupons.

How does it work?

I have 29 ideas, all together on the coupons. Sample of the ideas include: full body massage, all night sex, quickie, 50 kisses not on lips etc.

Everyday, either of you should pick a coupon and do whatever it says for the other person. 

For instance, if today you pick 1, 1 says full body massage, that means you are giving your husband a full body massage. Tomorrow, your husband is to pick a number. If he picks 4 for instance, 4 says I will lap dance. This means that your husband will lap dance for you (hahahaha).

You are set to have all the fun you can get in this month.

Sample coupons

You can get your coupons here (I have a free gift attached).

I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that you should flirt with your man🤣.
In case you need help and more tips, don't hesitate to contact me.

Also feel free to share your comments. I am so willing to learn from you.

I love you

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