Sex Series: 5 powerful reasons why you need to kiss your husband daily

 Hello wifey,

Please gather let's take selfie and edify ourselves.
5 powerful reasons why you need to kiss your husband daily

Question: When last did you kiss your husband? 

The funniest thing is that while in relationship, the urge to kiss is usually so strong, to the extent that you will keep on asking questions like 'Is kissing right before marriage'? Can we kiss? 'But Paul said we could kiss', (and defending yourself up and down).
Now that you are married, how often do you kiss? 
5 powerful reasons why you need to kiss your husband daily

Research have shown that the more you kiss, the less stressed you are, because kissing produces an hormone called oxytocin, which is like a stress reliever. Chaii 🤦🏾‍ God is so good, he gave us a natural stress reliever, and you are still there feeling stressed. Wifey, you need to make use of what is in your disposal. In heaven, there is no kissing😋; if you don't kiss now, you will get to heaven and start wishing that you had kissed and kissed your husband when you were here on earth. 
Long and short of my story; be conscious about kissing your spouse.
  • Kiss when you wake up
  • Kiss after your morning devotions in case you do that in the morning
  • Kiss whenever you are parting
  • Kiss whenever you get together again
  • Kiss after your night devotions in case you do that at night
  • Kiss while you are doing the deed (having sex, for those that don't understand codes 😀)
  • Kiss when you are about sleeping

How many did you count? Seven!! So you see, you have not less than seven  kissing opportunities with your spouse in a day.

Why all these talk about kisses? Is that our ticket to heaven? I wonder too😂😂 but the truth is that kissing has benefits.

1. Helps to dissolve heated arguments

Imagine after a series of argument, you still have to kiss when he goes out and when he comes in. There's no way strive can stay in such atmosphere. It will be easy for arguments to be dissolved and for peace to reign again. Forgiveness is easy when you kiss daily. Strive is unable to thrive. Infact, make it a point of duty to kiss in the middle of heated arguments. When the voices are rising, just grab his head, and plant a kiss😄, most  likely, you will end the argument in laughter, and maybe on the bed.

2. Your children will be happy

Seeing you kiss everytime gives the kids a sense of joy, happiness and security that mum and dad are happy with one another. This has a very strong effect on them. It also builds in them a positive image of marriage.

3. Stress reliever

Like said earlier, when you kiss, you are relieved of tension and stress in your body. 

I found this on healthline, a very popular health blog, "Speaking of cortisol, kissing also lowers cortisol levels and stress. Kissing and other affectionate communication, like hugging and saying “I love you,” impacts the physiological processes related to stress management."

5 powerful reasons why you need to kiss your husband daily

4. Sustains romance

Romance is sustained when you kiss regularly. It brings back those feelings you had while you were courting. It makes love alive every single time. It makes you fall in love over and over again. Kissing makes you feel romantic. Kissing is also a part of foreplay, prepares your mind and even your body for greater assignments 😆.

5. I saw several things while reading about this topic, that I have never seen before, like kissing increases your length of days, burns your calories, clears your skins, builds your immune system and so on. 
I am beginning to think that maybe the solution to any acne breakout is kissing like twenty  times a day (husby, are you ready?😝).

Couples are advised to kiss at least four minutes everyday. 
5 powerful reasons why you need to kiss your husband daily

Question: Is it possible to do online kissing for those who are apart from their spouses?
My own answer: Please it has to be possible because these benefits of kissing are too much for some people to be missing out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.


You need to start kissing your husband. Forget about the not so clean teeth, kiss!!! As a matter of fact, saliva swapping, is helping to build your immune system, it's not unhygienic😋.
Start to connect on a kissing level, and I am sure your life will not remain the same again. 
Peradventure, right now in your marriage relationship, kissing is not even in your mind because of matters on ground. Please make efforts to settle the matters by communicating and by seeking help if need be. Find a place in your heart to forgive and then start to kiss, don't miss.

I love you💋💋.

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