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Understanding sex is a 6-module online course for brides-to-be (one to two months of wedding) and young wives. 

Hey Bride to be, I can help you with all the knowledge and support you need to navigate the whole sexual experience in marriage.

Hey Wifey, I can help you to create an amazing sex life in your marriage, filled with discovery, freedom and real intimacy.

You will learn about the biblical concept of sex, bursting every myth, how your husband view sex, preparing for first time sex in marriage, keeping the fire burning, sex in pregnancy, sex after childbirth, art of initiating sex, the big O, and many more.

Who needs this course

This course is for you if....

You are a bride to be wedding within the next two months.

You are a bride to be and you don't understand what to expect in marriage when it comes to sexual intimacy.

You are a bride to be with limited knowledge on sex.

You are a bride to be and you feel guilty about premarital sexual experiences of the past.

You are a wife and sexual intimacy in your marriage has become a routine.

You are a wife with a low sex drive and little or no interest in sex.

A wife who is Shy to initiate sex and you are not comfortable.

You are a wife with sexual baggages that is not allowing you to be confident and exoressive.

You don’t want sex as much as you used to... & you’re not sure why.

You DREAD your partner making the moves. And you’ve always got an excuse-worthy ‘no’ in your head. But you also feel guilty about it, while wishing the whole sex thing would just go away.


Weekly video classes

Email support

Interactive weekly reviews

Online support group

Bonus resources

Bonus classes

Free Pre marriage counseling

Prayer and confession

You can register for free using this link.

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Testimony 1

Before now I see sex as something dirty and a job that I need to fulfil and also that I don’t have a say about sex, I just have to do what ever my husband wants. I have learned from the course that sex is created by God to be enjoyed by married couples and also that it’s ok to talk about sex with our spouses and we can explore together sexually and I must confess these have really helped me and I can tell that my husband is so happy with my new attitude towards sex. I have never enjoyed my marriage and sex life this much , I’m now able to express love freely to my husband knowing fully well that I’m doing the right thing and that there is nothing wrong with that.  

Testimony 2

I was unclear about a lot of things on sex and satisfying my husband but now I have gained clarity.

Testimony 3

I was not educated before in the area of sex and so had lots of unanswered questions in my heart but now I have been schooled by

Testimony 4

I used to find excuses to escape sex as it seems like a burden to me and I would very rarely initiate sex because of beliefs while growing up. Now I no longer try to avoid sex and I'm getting more free to initiate sex and better express myself while at it and hubby is loving it๐Ÿ˜œ.

Testimony 5

I was not comfortable with the whole idea of sex though I wanted to know how it feels, but now, I am more comfortable.


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